Is Meat Bad For You?

Is Meat Bad For You?

By Meats2U | June 9, 2020

Is meat bad for you? Well, the short answer is “no.” Duh. Its also the answer you would probably expect to get from a self-professed “meathead.” But if you have spent any time whatsoever googling this question, all you will see is consistently contradictory data. Those on a “no meat diet” aka vegans LIVE for…

3 meal ideas that your carnivore husband will love

3 meal ideas that your carnivore husband will love!

By Meats2U | June 1, 2020

Is your husband a “meat and potatoes” kinda guy? The kind of guy who makes a face when you suggest a green smoothie for breakfast? (Insert superhero music) Meats2u is here to save the day! See below for meal ideas for breakfast, lunch, and dinner that will have your husband saying “mmmmmmhmmmmm good.” Breakfast As…

butcher box vs meats2u blog

Meats2U VS Butcher Box (The Facts)

By Meats2U | April 22, 2020

Meats2u v. Butcherbox Pretend you weren’t one of the fortunate that stumbled upon Meats2u. If someone asked you about a meat delivery service or a company that offers a monthly meat subscription, we will admit it…even if you have never used it or actually know anyone that uses it, Butcher Box comes to mind. Why? …

What does a healthy family grocery list should look like.

What does a healthy family grocery list look like?

By Meats2U | April 15, 2020

We all know that if you fail to prepare, you prepare to fail. As trivial as it sounds, we believe this applies when you fail to make a grocery list. Think back to those late nights when there’s nothing in the fridge, no leftovers, and nothing prepped. Admit it…you grabbed your phone and hit up…

is costco meat high quality

Costco Meat VS Meats2U

By Eric | April 1, 2020

We say, “nobody beats our meat” for a reason. A.) We think its catchy. B.) We know our product can stand up (and smoke) any other competitor out there. Costco, that includes you. We get that we are biased. We have every right to be. We know what we bring to the table. We know…

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Soy Protein Vs. Meat Protein – A Side-by-Side Comparison

By Meats2U | March 25, 2020

Although we are self-professed “meatheads” we do take the time to educate ourselves on modern protein alternatives. Because plant protein has become such a controversial talking point these days, we decided to take some time to do a side-by-side comparison on soy (specifically) vs. meat. Let’s take a glance at our ancestors. To date, there…

family dinner ideas with meat

5 Easy Meal Ideas for Families Who Love Meat

By Eric | March 25, 2020

Family of carnivores? Crunched on time? Love watching Master Chef but don’t exactly fit in that contestant category? Look no further. We got you. Below are our five family dinner ideas (with meat) plucked with ingredients from our top-notch meat delivery service: Chicken nachos. Grab some pre-seasoned Santa Fe chicken breast, cook and shred it.…

family cardio

10 Fun Family Cardio Activities

By Eric | March 16, 2020

Cardio. The dreaded word. Here are our top ten FUN family cardio activities.