Meats2U VS Butcher Box (The Facts)

Meats2u v. Butcherbox

Pretend you weren’t one of the fortunate that stumbled upon Meats2u. If someone asked you about a meat delivery service or a company that offers a monthly meat subscription, we will admit it…even if you have never used it or actually know anyone that uses it, Butcher Box comes to mind. Why? 

Namely, because they have a huge marketing budget (cool story bro) so frequent ads on Facebook pop up, the fitness guy you follow on Youtube probably mentioned it (in exchange for free product no doubt), or even before this unprecedented pandemic you preferred online shopping and that was the top hit when you searched “organic meat delivery.”

We aren’t going to claim to be the butcher box alternative. Why? Because we feel like that sells us short. Yes, we too have organic meat. Yes, we too have grass fed meat. Yes, we too ship our product in nicely put together meat boxes and even offer subscriptions if that works for you. BUT, we don’t require a subscription. Butcher box does. Why? In our humble opinion, its because they want to hook you so you have to keep coming back. We don’t need to. Why? Our product, our quality, our company speaks for itself and that’s what keeps you coming back. 

You don’t have to take our word for it. Look at some recent butcher box reviews. “How old is this stuff? The majority of things were freezer burned…the selection was crap…majority of the meat was very low quality cuts…the ground beer was not organic as advertised…what a total waste of money…this is way overpriced for what you get – a mix of old crappy low quality frozen meat.” Eeeeeek. 

Or to our earlier point, “This is a terrible service that relies on auto pay and auto ship to con people. I hated my first order because it shipped stuff I didn’t want and didn’t send what [I] requested. They’re offer was $10 off the next order [butcher box subscription]. No thanks, didn’t want the next order. But guess what? They shipped the same stuff I didn’t want and charged me $149 … less $10 off. Refuse to remedy the situation. WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE EVER.” 

Contrast that with some recent reviews on our Facebook page. “The meat is fantastic! I would recommend to everyone to purchase. Much better than butcher box.” Thanks, @bdancer1. Or, @1beartoe who, “Canceled my butcher box…after receiving my order after one day. Thanks Meats2u.” 

^ *Mic drop. 

Butcher box – where you at? Because all we see is product out of stock or a long waiting list for something that your customers can get from us without having to question whether their order will arrive. 

If that didn’t sway you, maybe this will. In light of the impact of COVID-19, we have been working around the clock to make sure that our all of our customers have access to good quality meat that they don’t have to wait weeks for. Our co-founder has been working weekends in the freezer, prepping orders, because we care. Because we are with you during this time. Because we see this as more than a business, its about family. Everyone who places an order with us is a new member of our Meats2u family. And we value family above all…


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