3 meal ideas that your carnivore husband will love!

Is your husband a “meat and potatoes” kinda guy? The kind of guy who makes a face when you suggest a green smoothie for breakfast? (Insert superhero music) Meats2u is here to save the day! See below for meal ideas for breakfast, lunch, and dinner that will have your husband saying “mmmmmmhmmmmm good.”


As tempting as it is because its easy (but also nutritionally bleh) skip the Jimmy Deans breakfast sandwiches and make your own. All you need is an English muffin/bagel/two pieces of bread, Meats2u breakfast sausage (yes, we said sausage) eggs (and a little cheese if you are feeling fancy or dairy is a part of his diet). The best part? We have these pre-cooked so all you have to do is defrost and microwave: https://meats2ucom.wpengine.com/product/chicken-breakfast-sausage-3-4oz-patties/


Move over Flame Broiler, we have our own healthier chicken bowl. Add brown rice, green onions, and some already diced house flavored Meats2u chicken breast https://meats2ucom.wpengine.com/product/1lb-dice-chicken-house-seasoned/ and drizzle some coconut aminos on the top. Viola!


Score some extra points with a ribeye dinner that will give any steakhouse a run for its money. Packed with flavor and impossible to mess up (seriously…you can cook this on a skillet) the bone-in ribeye https://meats2ucom.wpengine.com/product/ribeye-bone-in-22-25oz/ is every carnivore’s favorite. Pair with some cauliflower mash (if you use a food processor and a little grass-fed butter he won’t know the difference) and a salad and/or grilled veggies and tell him Maestros has nothing on you.

We would love to see some of your go-to recipes – so please share in the comment section!

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