Soy Protein Vs. Meat Protein – A Side-by-Side Comparison

Although we are self-professed “meatheads” we do take the time to educate ourselves on modern protein alternatives. Because plant protein has become such a controversial talking point these days, we decided to take some time to do a side-by-side comparison on soy (specifically) vs. meat.

Let’s take a glance at our ancestors. To date, there has never been a traditional group that has voluntarily opted out of meat protein. Shouldn’t that alone tell us something? Granted, we understand that the cavemen did not exactly have the option of waltzing down the grocery aisles and doing a side-by-side comparison of soy protein vs. meat protein, but…you get the gist.

Ignoring evolutionary theory (we aren’t in history class) and ethical reasons for a plant-based diet….we are not proselytizing for a particular form of eating but we need to look at the science behind a diet that includes meat protein and the reality of how difficult it is to get the nutrients we need from meat alternatives or soy.

Meat (animal) protein has health benefits that cannot be replicated or mirrored with soy, even with appropriate supplementation. The omegas we actually need, such as EPA, DHA, and ARA do not exist in plant foods. They are, however, abundantly found in animal protein. Essential vitamins such as B12, iron, zinc, creatine, and D3 are all necessary nutrients again not found in plant-based proteins.

There are roughly 20 amino acids that the human body uses to build proteins. Meat is the easiest way to get the amino acids that the body needs. Soy, on the other hand, lacks one or more amino, making it an incomplete protein.

Lastly, does soy contain estrogen? HECK YES it does. But what does this actually mean? It means that it mimics our body’s own estrogen and not only leads to hormonal imbalances but these hormones in soy have been linked to a series of chronic health conditions such as premenstrual syndrome, ovarian cysts, anxiety disorders, depression, and feminization of males and breast cancer.

Contrast that with the fact that good-quality animal proteins (cough cough literally everything Meats2u carries) are linked to a reduced risk of heart disease, improved cholesterol levels, weight loss, and increased muscle mass.

The choice is yours. Stick with us meatheads and you will be just fine.


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