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Fresh Does Not Necessarily Mean Frozen

By Meats2U | February 28, 2018

Quality & Safety

By Meats2U | February 14, 2018

Quality & Safety Meats 2 U operates under the strict guide lines of our HACCP program which is monitored by the USDA. HACCP stands for Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point. We have identified areas for potential hazards in processing and have implemented programs to prevent them. These processes include: Metal Detection: Product is screened for…

Product Benefits

By Meats2U | February 14, 2018

Our Product Benefits… For Your Convenience and Your Health Beef We offer premium USDA graded Choice Angus and Choice Grass-Fed certified organic Angus beef Always hormone free, steroid free and antibiotic free Aged for 21 days Blast-frozen (not flash-frozen) Portions individually vacuum-sealed for convenience and freshness Processed locally under 24/7 USDA inspection Most cuts defrost…

How To Thaw

By Meats2U | February 14, 2018

How To Thaw You are receiving a pure product from Meats2U. In other words, they are not water-infused like so many meats sold at markets today. Imagine freezing a soaking wet sponge and a dry sponge. Which one will defrost faster? Of course, the dry sponge will, and so will our meats. They defrost quicker…

How To Store

By Meats2U | February 14, 2018

How To Store Our meats are vacuum-sealed in heavy-mill plastic and thus we can ensure a very long shelf life in your freezer, up to one year, as long as the seal has not been compromised. If something of ours goes unseen or at the back of your freezer, chances are months later it will…