Quality & Safety

Quality & Safety

Meats 2 U operates under the strict guide lines of our HACCP program which is monitored by the USDA.

HACCP stands for Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point. We have identified areas for potential hazards in processing and have implemented programs to prevent them. These processes include:

Metal Detection: Product is screened for metal detection

Lot Tracking: Strict monitoring of product and materials, production and packed on dates, both incoming and outgoing.

Storage Temperature Control: Refrigeration temperatures are monitored twice daily to ensure safe storage of product.

Production Temperature Control: Product temperature is taken at the start of production and at the end to ensure no unsafe rise in temperature occurred during processing.

Sanitization: Our processing facility is fully sanitized after each 8-hour shift. The sanitary solution is dual chlorinated to ensure any bacteria are killed on contact. We also use 180 F water, well above the established 165 F temperature that kills all food-borne pathogens. We exceed industry standards here to ensure the cleanest environment possible.

3rd Party Environmental Testing: 3rd party lab testing for the presence of any bacteria is conducted monthly in our processing room. Due to our diligence and higher standards in our sanitation procedures, we are proud to report we have never received a positive test result and have consistently passed additional 3rd party audits conducted.

AIB and FSNS (mandatory for Cost Co distribution).

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