How To Thaw

How To Thaw

You are receiving a pure product from Meats2U. In other words, they are not water-infused like so many meats sold at markets today. Imagine freezing a soaking wet sponge and a dry sponge. Which one will defrost faster? Of course, the dry sponge will, and so will our meats. They defrost quicker than you are used to, and they cook quicker too!

Run Meats Under Warm Tap Water

Place whatever you are defrosting* (still in the plastic packaging) in the sink and let luke-warm water trickle over it for 5 to 15 minutes. Our chicken filets are specially cut to thaw and cook quickly and evenly. Beef steaks, filets and pork chops will take a little longer since they are denser and also thicker cuts. Using this method, seafood thawing time should range somewhere in between beef and chicken. *Tri-tip roasts are too large to use fast defrosting methods. Thaw in refrigerator or use your natural good sense if thawing on your countertop.

Immerse in Warm Water

Although infrequent, immersing in warm water can cause a product seal to loosen and allow water into the packaging which can compromise product quality and flavor. So while not recommended, make sure seals remain secure if using this method.

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