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had all week.

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‘Merica Pack !!!


$79.95   $59.95 USD

(you save $20 USD)

  • 1 Peeled USDA Choice Angus Tri Tip
  • 10 Nathan’s Famous All Beef Dogs
  • 6 Angus 1/3lb Thick n Juicy Burgers
  • 20oz Thick Cut Bacon

Family Pack

Ultimate Meat Lovers Feast

$164.95   $119.95 USD

(you save $45 USD)

  • 2pc 12oz Ribeye Steaks USDA Choice Angus
  • 2pc 10oz New York Steaks USDA Choice Angus
  • 2lbs Angus Ground Beef
  • 1pc 32-36oz Tri Tip Pealed USDA Choice Angus
  • 2pc Pork Tenderloin All Natural (2 Packaged Together)
  • 1lb Carne Asada Skirt Steak Marinated

Family Pack


$62.95   $49.95 USD

(you save $65.85 USD)

  • Thick Cut Smoked Bacon 20oz
  • Premium Angus Ground Beef 2lbs
  • Triple Trimmed Chicken Breast 2lbs
  • Pork Tenderloin 2pc 1.75-2.25lbs (2 Packaged Together)
  • Italian Sausage 2lbs
Quality meat delivery

All our meat is strategically sourced for the best taste, texture and palatability possible.

Convenient Meat Delivery

we get it - you're busy. Sit back and relax. Fresh, quality, healthy meat delivered to your home.

Healthy meat delivery

All natural, hormone free, organic, non-GMO. Nothing but the best quality meat you've ever tasted.

Fresh meat delivery

The Best Choice for

Health-conscious Carnivores

Today’s busy, health-conscious carnivores don’t have time to read every label at the grocery store, drive to their local farmer’s market, and sometimes, even cook the quality meat they’re looking for. But they still want a great meal.

That’s where Meats2U comes in. We deliver five-star quality meat direct to your door – in pre-cooked portions that you can thaw and eat within minutes, as well as cook-your-own portions that you can take your time with. Either way, we know that when you eat a Meats2U meal, you’ll be eating the best meal you’ve had all week.


How it works

meat delivery

1. Choose your protein.

Browse our selection of uncooked and newly developed pre-cooked products. Pick what looks good to you! If you need a hand, we recommend selecting from our Starter Kits and Crowd Favorites.

meat delivery

2. Conveniently shipped to your door.

And yes, freshness is guaranteed. Each order is packed such that your meat will remain fresh in the box for at least 48 hours upon delivery.

meat delivery

3. Titillate your taste buds.

If you purchased a pre-cooked portion, thaw it out and chow down! If you purchased a cook-your-own portion, move it to your freezer or start prepping for your next sit-down meal.


The quality of meat that is delivered to my DOOR is beyond any I have found elsewhere. I love coming home to my delivery, which is tightly packed and iced so it can stay at my door all day...


Rachel Jones


I have to say I was a bit skeptical at first so decided to order the sampler. Our product was delivered to our doorstep 2 days after ordering and each portion individually wrapped. My chicken was flawless!...


Allison G.


MEATS2U has been an amazing convenience for our family! Individually packaged meat, chicken, and seafood has made it easier on me to prepare meals for my kids.


Jennifer Hosko


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