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Pre Cooked Oatmeal Tamale (Original Chicken) 6 count

Oatmeal Tamale (Original Chicken) 12 count
Do you love tamales?  What if we told you that you can have them more often without having to eat all that grease and masa?!?!  Our one and only special oatmeal tamales are pretty much a diabetics dream and the best part is that we didn’t sacrifice the taste during product development.  With 15 net grams of carbs per tamale and between 1.3 to 2oz of ground chicken breast in each tamale, it doesn’t matter what meal plan you are following, we have you covered!  If it feels like you are dieting, you probably aren’t eating Meats2U.  
-All Natural, Hormone Free, Antibiotic Free, Free Range, Non GMO, NO Preservatives.