Dear Meats2U Loyal Family:


First and foremost, THANK YOU for all your support over the years and most recently during these trying times.  Meats2U, like many other companies, is having to pivot in light of everything that is going on with the world.  As you know, Covid has created obstacles that have yet to subside, two of which can literally shut us down if we don’t play our cards right.


  1. Various products are becoming more and more difficult to source. We are doing our best to keep your favorites in stock but the meat shortage is real.  We are not a large enough corporation where we are going to come first when bidding against powerhouse meat distributors.  Even though we have built great relationships with our distributors, ultimately, money talks. We wish we had that leverage, but we don’t.  We believe our integrity, quality products, and customer service speaks for itself and sets us apart from these larger corporations. Why are we telling you this? Because we would like to ask you to please be patient when products are out of stock while we put systems in place so that our customers are notified the moment any out of stock items are restocked.


  1. Shipping has become a real issue. The only reason why we only ship to 7 states on the western region of the U.S. is because our current 3rd party shipper GLS, is cost effective. That being said, they are far from the best but currently they are the only ones that can make what we do possible for our customers.   Ever since Covid, all shipping companies are extremely overwhelmed because we have become accustomed to having everything shipped to our homes.  These shipping companies are understaffed and overwhelmed.  Things get worse when a shipping depot must shut down because an employee tested positive for Covid.  With the holidays coming up, this is only going to get worse.  Our shipping company is projected to receive an extra 5,000 shipments per day in the foreseeable near future.  Now we have to adapt and make a change that we have not have had to make since the day we started shipping in 2012.  Our new shipping procedure is as follows:


  • The last day of the week we will ship orders for all the states we provide service to will now be Wednesday, with a hard online order cut off at 2pm. We must do this to give our shipping department sufficient time during the weekday to locate an order in case it’s delayed and or lost.


  • All of the states we service will be a two-to-three-day travel. So, where CA and NV used to be a two-day travel (Monday to Tuesday arrival), it now has the potential to be a three-day travel (Monday to Wednesday arrival).


  • All orders will arrive between Tuesday and Friday.


  • All orders will be packaged properly to withstand travel and any unforeseen incident.


We ask you to please be patient with us.  These changes are being made knowing we can only control what we can control.  WE cut, fulfill and package your product but once it leaves our facility, we are at the mercy of the shipper.  If something goes wrong during delivery, we will do anything and everything to help locate your order but we have minimal control at that point.  We believe recently some of our customers have experienced issues with delivery, but our customer service speaks for itself.  Meats2U is not personally delivering your order, but we can personally address and fix any issue there may be and will.  It’s what we do, and our YELP and TRUST PILOT reviews reflect this.

We are family owned, veteran owned and as founders and owners we greatly appreciate your support.  Without you we cannot support our families and we hope you notice we are mindful of that whenever you come in contact with us.


We appreciate you,



Eric Huerta & Corey Patendis