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Oatmeal Tortilla 6 count

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4 reviews for Oatmeal Tortilla 6 count

  1. Vincent Gregory

    Guilt-free tortillas! These tortillas are part of my bi-monthly order. I use them for tacos with the Sante Fe ground poultry or as a bread substitute for sandwiches. I’ve even crisped them in the oven to make “chips.” Finally…a guilt-free carb. Thanks Meats2u!

  2. Wayne Maita

    Made the mistake of trying to make these myself because allegedly they are “sooooo easy.” Wrong. They are difficult. The consistency was so off and honestly who has time to make batch after batch until you get it right? Especially when meats2u has these on deck and always in stock.

  3. Cherish Matthews

    Egg whites every morning? Boooooring. Bland oatmeal on the side? Boooooring.

    Egg whites IN oatmeal tortillas? Amaaaaazing. BREAKFAST TACOS. Can I get an amen?!

  4. Sydnee Loeffler

    With bread out of my diet (boo-hoo because bread is life) I got SOOOOOO tired of just brown rice, oats, sweet potatoes. I was craving a bread alternative and stumbled across these. HALLELUJAH!

    I used these for everything! Tostadas, tacos, bread for sandwiches.

    Thanks Meats2u, without these I would have fallen off the wagon long ago.

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