Male Meal Plan Package

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$200.00 / month for 2 months

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– You will receive a recommended supplement list.

– You will receive a very detailed and customized meal plan along with a recommended and approved veggies/carbs/protein list.

– Each month you will receive a $200.00 gift certificate to shop on the Meats2U website so you can shop for the meats and/or supplements required on your plan.

– Yes, we have a secret supplements page on this website.

– Yes, within your meal plan you will have the flexibility to choose your own meats on the plan. It only makes sense when you are the one that has to eat them.

– The moment you make your purchase, you will receive the plan within the same day.

– The sooner you make your purchase, the sooner you can start your plan!

– Bottom line is you are receiving a proven meal plan and the $200.00 you’re spending, you would spend on food for the month regardless. Sounds like a great deal, right? Because it is.

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Due to the pandemic and sourcing issues, delivery of your order can take up to a total of 10 days

Your order will more than likely arrive within three to five total days but we would rather under promise and over deliver. 

Rest assured we will do our best to ship your order as promptly as possible. 

Since 2012, Meats2U has always been known as a 3 day max delivery service but these are unfortunate and difficult times. When it comes to sourcing issues, we only have so much control. 

By placing your order now, you are securing your product to be placed next in line and shipped sooner than later. 

We apologize for any inconvenience and appreciate your support.  

**  This shipping protocol listed above does not apply to the “MEAL PREP” (fully cooked meals) section on the website.  That section has it’s own “SHIPPING & DELIVERY” protocol, please read that section for further instructions.  

(Should you live in a remote area of a state we provide service to, our 3rd party carrier may not provide service.  Rule of thumb is if you can place an order on our website, we provide service to your area)

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We ONLY ship to following states: CA, NV, AZ, WA, OR, ID, UT

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