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100% Grass Fed New York 2 steaks 12oz each

100% Grass Fed New York Steak 2pc/10oz

We offer the most popular cuts in our grass-fed selections. Enjoy their flavor without the fat! Hand-cut and individually vacuum-sealed, they are 100% guaranteed for quality, tenderness and the healthy benefits of eating organic beef. Nutritionally speaking, grass-fed beef produces leaner beef simply because it is never grain-fed. Also, nutritional studies have shown that cattle grazing on pastures of nutritionally higher-quality grass have higher levels of “CLA” Conjugated Lenoleic Acid) in their muscle tissue. Many studies have shown CLA to be an anti-carcinogen as well as being beneficial in managing diabetes and arteriosclerosis.. 100% grass-fed beef also contain higher levels of the very beneficial Omega-3 fatty acids. B-6 and B-12, niacin, iron, and zinc. (see more detailed information at: To read more about certified organic requirements and standards, go to: