The best meal you've cooked all week.


The best meal you've cooked all week.

When high-quality, grass-fed meat is delivered right to your door step you so you won't have to worry about what to make for dinner ever again! Meats2U makes your life as a mother easier when it comes to preparing the best meal your family has had all week.

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Fresh meat delivery

The Best Choice for

Health-conscious Busy Moms

We deliver five-star quality meat direct to your door – in pre-cooked portions that you can thaw and eat within minutes, as well as cook-your-own portions that you can take your time with. Either way, we know that when you eat a Meats2U meal, you’ll be eating the best meal you’ve had all week.


Quality meat delivery

All our meat is strategically sourced for the best taste, texture and palatability possible.

Convenient Meat Delivery

we get it - you're busy. Sit back and relax. Fresh, quality, healthy meat delivered to your home.

Healthy meat delivery

All natural, hormone free, organic, non-GMO. Nothing but the best quality meat you've ever tasted.

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Watch this quick video to learn how MEATS2U works from one of our Co-founders.

Popular Items for Family Meals

These will cost you less than your typical Costco run!

The Sampler
100% Grass Fed Ground Beef 2lbs
2lbs Wild Caught Salmon (5-6oz Portions)
Combo Pack Oatmeal Tamale (Original & Chorizo flavored) 12 count each flavor

Don't Take Our Word For It, We have over 300+ 5 Star Reviews!


Matthew L Haynes, Verified Buyer

I recently had my first experience with Meats2U and I have to be honest. It was freaking awesome! Let me first start by saying the cost was less than my typical Costco run for meat, second was the fulfillment and delivery. I ordered and within a few minutes it was packed and I received a tracking # it was like they were waiting for me lastly and most importantly was the quality and convenience of the meat! Everything tasted incredible and the fact that it was all pre marinated made my meal prep so much easier. I cannot wait to receive my next order!

Meats2U kicks ass!!!


Kristy Kelly Kearney, Verified Buyer

"I love everything about Meats2u!!! Always great quality something that everyone in my family will enjoy and super easy to prepare. Thanks Sam Long And Eric Huerta for always hooking us up!!!!"

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